Mount Baker Volcano Research Center

About Mount Baker Volcano Research Center

Welcome to the website of the Mount Baker Volcano Research Center, formerly known as the Mount Baker Volcano Observatory. We are a group of geologists who research the geology and volcanology of Mount Baker in the North Cascades, and the surrounding Mount Baker volcanic field. The website is intended to be a clearinghouse for research on the Mount Baker volcanic field. MBVRC is now affiliated with the Geology Department at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington, USA. The website is managed by David S. Tucker, Research Associate in the Geology Department at WWU.

The website includes an extensive list (with links) of Mount Baker-oriented abstracts and papers, geology, geophysics and monitoring information, photography, and geochemistry. Graduate students and faculty at Western Washington University, University of Washington, and other institutions are currently researching this late Pleistocene-Holocene volcano and the volcanic field that surrounds it. Others have recently completed studies. Seismic activity is monitored by the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network- see links for this data. Results of a detailed stratigraphic study of the post-glacial eruptive history of Mount Baker by Kevin Scott (USGS) and David Tucker (WWU) will be posted on the website. Please come back often to see new links and photos.

MBVRC is a tax exempt public charity under IRS code 501(c)(3). Donations may be deducted as charitable contributions from your US Federal Income Tax return. The organization has three board members, who make policy and financial decisions on behalf the organization. Board members serve two year terms and may be re-elected.

index map of Mt. Baker